There’s nothing like a bowl of porridge on a cold, frosty morning …

IMG_6011 - Copy

OK … so the porridge is spread out on the stones, but then it’s easier for them all to get some!

IMG_6014 - Copy

Actually, I did put the Moppets’ share in a bowl, but none of the photos were any good!

IMG_6020 - Copy

It lasted only a matter of moments … weetabix and porridge oats mixed with warm water and limestone flour … yum! We’ve had a couple of softies from an ex-bat (I assume) coming back into lay, and one of the Moppets is laying thin shelled eggs, hence the limestone. It may not make any difference as they are both rather elderly, but it’s worth a try. We’ve had a steady stream of eggs over the winter … 2 or 3 hen eggs a day, and 2 bantam eggs every other day … just enough for the two of us now that we’re empty nesters, with left overs to sell (or bake cakes for the church coffee mornings!).



From the left, Camilla, Clare, Charlie, Bertha, Babs, Carey and Connie

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  1. chickencarol

     /  January 20, 2015

    They all look so adorable and are obviously loving their porridge.


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