It’s been a while …

… and we’re all a little older. The bantams must be 6 years old by now … we’re down to three as of last week … still getting an egg every now and then (I do so love bantam eggs). The big girls are coming into their second winter … but there’s a but … they’re not as healthy as I would like. Only Clare is still laying, regularly every day. It’s nothing specific, though we’re still battling scaly leg mite (brought in with the bantams, I suspect, when they arrived 3 years ago). I’m just concerned that we’re had hens on the same ground for six years now, and while we replace the woodchip once or twice a year, it would be better to move them around*. Not practical. And have them under cover. Again, not practical.

Our dearest chicken sitter isn’t always in the best of health, though she loves to look after them … so we’re pondering, just pondering re-homing them – but I’m not sure that’s practical either.

In the meanwhile, Camilla and Charlie had a partial moult this autumn … so they’re now two-tone hens …


I didn’t get a good picture of Charlie, but it’s similar – the older feathers are faded while the new ones stand out more brightly coloured as a result! Connie and Carey have moulted little by little, and simply appear rather unkempt, while I’ve not see Clare moult at all.

I bake cakes for a coffee morning, regularly once a month – I’ve not yet had to buy eggs though!

*Fortunately, there’s no evidence they are carrying any worm or parasite load.

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  1. Gwen

     /  January 23, 2017

    I use diatomaceous earth on my hens and I dist their coops with it. It’s safe and suffocates parasites so I’ve liked it thus far. I hope this helps. Your hens are beautiful. Thanks for sharing about them! They’re darlings!


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