I built the Moppet House in the spring of 2013 … and it’s never been totally satisfactory. Following some heavy rain at the weekend, we decided it was time to move our remaining three bantams into the Eglu. When we built the Moppet House it housed seven birds … so I hope the Elgu run has enough space for three!


It was fairly easy to relocate them, as two are currently broody,


and the third is lonely without them! In fact, she sometimes spends a few hours in the coop just for the company, although there isn’t really room for three in the corner nest box.

The larger girls have been free ranging for a few days now, but of course they noticed the changes and went to investigate. Sadly, they were quite aggressive, sensing they had the bantams at a disadvantage … so I’ve restored the fence and limited them to the Hen Garden until the Moppets are settled. I left them in the Eglu for 48 hours before releasing them … and they went straight back to the Moppet House. So I put them back in for another day, and this time I left both ends of the Eglu – run and coop – open, and left them to get on with it. Since the Moppet House is closed up and the nest box removed, they eventually found their way back to the Eglu nest box by themselves.

It may be small, but it’s dry … it will soon feel like home and they have the advantage of being on grass. I wonder how long it takes for a single bantam to get through that much grass? We will have to move the Eglu from time to time … but while two are broody, it may take a few weeks!

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