Avian flu outbreak

With the latest outbreak of avian (bird) flu, the government’s Chief Vet has put long term restrictions in place: even backyard poultry keepers are required to …

  • minimise direct and indirect contact between poultry and wild birds
  • make sure that feed and water can’t be accessed by wild birds
  • take all reasonable precautions to avoid the transfer of contamination between premises, including cleansing and disinfection of equipment, vehicles and footwear
  • reduce the movement of people, vehicles or equipment to and from areas where poultry or captive birds are kept

and this ban has now been extended to February 28th 2017. It’s hard on our girls (and on any birds) that are used to free ranging … not least because our run is woodchip, not grass. We do what we can to avoid boredom, but it’s sad to see them restricted like this.

We are unable to cover our run – it’s too big (it’s not that they don’t have enough space), but at least keeping them in means they are not sharing the overspill from the wild bird feeders, or free ranging on ground shared with the garden birds.


See more here (BHWT link)

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