We lost a bantam this morning – she’s clearly been ailing for a few days but we decided to let nature takes it’s course. The two remaining bantams must be around seven years old (we had them as rescue hens, so aren’t totally sure of their age) … and we are still getting an egg most days (I think from just one of the bantams as the eggs are so regular in size). I love bantam eggs 🙂 The bigger girls gave up laying a long time ago … even though they are only three years old 😦

So they rattle around in their run – but the restrictions regarding avian flu have been relaxed (depending on where you live – see current DEFRA guidelines ), so we have restored their privileges in part. They are still required not to come in contact with wild birds, so we have replaced the fence of the Hen Garden and they can roam under the fig tree and back wall, but not under the bird feeders, or on the grass.

We have long been thinking about how to get them on to new ground … so are looking into electric fencing. We think we might swap garden sides … moving the veg patches to the current hen run (which should be wonderfully fertile!)… and fencing off the current veg patches for the girls. Using netting, we could then move them around the garden from time to time. The current hen run will need a long rest, and planting it up will help, too. It’s rather costly, and we have other expenses in the offing, but it seems the only solution.

I don’t really have much to do with the hens these days – DH likes to go out to them mid-morning, as part of his routine, a break from his desk, so I let him. It’s still lovely to have them around … and once we get their space sorted, we might just be tempted to add a couple more 😉

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