Hen Pictures and Profiles

Hens come and hens go … our current brood (April 2014) comprises five Pekin Bantams and an elderly ex-batt we inherited (February 2013) from someone who could no longer care for them, three surviving ex-batts we rehomed in March 2013, and five hens all of different breeds we had at point-of-lay (POL) in March 2014.


Clare – Light Sussex

Charlie – CouCou Maran

Camilla – Blue Maran

Connie – Gold-laced Wyandotte

Carey – Buff Sussex


Mandy … our oldest ex-batt


Bertha, Mandy, Betsy and Babs

Pekin Bantams, aka The Moppets!

Pekins are a  ‘true bantam’ (ie not a diminutive variety of a normal sized bird). They are gentle, shy, passive and very fluffy, even down to their toes!


Their feathering is beautifully detailed, and extremely soft.


Their plumage varies from pale to dark, and their ruffs from a bright gold, to a dull orange.


They are much less destructive around the garden than the larger birds, not least because they don’t like to dig as their toe feathers tend to get in the way. So we keep them on grass, moving their run as needed to allow the grass to regrow.

 See The Hen House Archive for photos of our original brood.

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  • The Hen House Archive

    Our original hen keeping adventure came to an end in January 2013, when a fox took our entire brood of hens. But don’t let that put you off … you can find the story at The Hen House Archive where there are still lots of stories, photos, and information about keeping hens I hope you'll find useful.

    July 2018 … Four new girls arrive, two LS bantams and two Mille Fleur Pekins.

    June 2018 … We had an extended heatwave, with daily temperatures in the 30s.

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