First outing


Happy Easter


How to tell when a hen is sick …


Just testing (again)


Just testing …

My new camera also has wifi capabilities – it was really easy to add pics from the camera to the tablet … but I couldn’t for the life of me get them onto the computer wirelessly *doh*

However, when uploading to the web from the tablet, I was unable to control the size of the picture. So I’ll work on that. In the meanwhile, here are a few more photos, just snaps, nothing fancy, but I’m quite pleased with the results.

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    Our original hen keeping adventure came to an end in January 2013, when a fox took our entire brood of hens. But don’t let that put you off … you can find the story at The Hen House Archive where there are still lots of stories, photos, and information about keeping hens I hope you'll find useful.

    July 2018 … Four new girls arrive, two LS bantams and two Mille Fleur Pekins.

    June 2018 … We had an extended heatwave, with daily temperatures in the 30s.

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